iBH (international Business and Hospitality Fundamentals)

with Co-op

Students will learn fundamental skills to be successful in international business. They can be better equipped to work in a variety of industries that require both administrative and customer service support.

Career Opportunities: Students will be prepared to work as general office Support Worker.  In addition, they have opportunities to work in the hospitality field and take on customer service roles.

 Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop a market-ready strategy for a service or product.
  • Research and present collected data in a professional and convincing manner suitable for a business environment.
  • Build and deliver boardroom quality presentations.
  • Complete a variety of work-related writing tasks including business letters, business reports, and emails.
  • Practically demonstrate the customer service skills that are particular to the hospitality and tourism sector.
  • Differentiate between the business models and strategic operational processes utilized in the hospitality and tourism sector viz. hotels, casinos, tourism operators as well as food and beverage services.
Total Program Duration: 48 weeks

(excludes holidays and/or approved leave of absence)

In-Class Training: 24 weeks
Co-op Training: 24 weeks

In-Class Training

Course Details

Fundamentals I
(4 Weeks)

  • Effective Communication

  • Presentation Skills

  • Resume Writing

  • Email Writing

  • Self Marketing

  • Business Documents

  • Time Management Systems/Attitudes

  • Working Styles

  • Networking

  • Workplace Cultures

  • Transferable Skills

Essential Business
(6 Weeks)

  • Interview Skills

  • Workplace Communication

  • Debate Skills

  • Advanced Networking

  • Business Meetings

  • Report Writing

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Canadian Workplace/Culture

Business Development
(6 Weeks)

  • Product Development Market Research

  • Market Segmentation

  • Employee Engagement

  • Marketing Mix Fundamentals

  • Performance Management

  • Organization Structures

Hospitality Fundamentals
(6 Weeks)

  • Introduction to Hospitality: Hotel Industry   

  • Introduction to Hospitality II: Food & Beverage

  • Introduction to Hospitality III: Cruise Lines & Casinos

  • Introduction to Travel & Tourism/Airlines

  • Business Communications & Module Project

  • Customer Service Management

  • Co-op Placement Skills & Preparation

Advanced Communications
(Pre-recorded lecture)

  •  The students will learn to communicate more effectively when speaking with coworkers in a business setting.  They will get a better understanding and have a deeper appreciation in engaging with others on a more professional level. 

* The above outline may be subject to change without notice.

Co-op Training

The Co-op (paid) work experience is a required part of the iBH program in which the student obtains practical skills relevant to the learning objectives of the program.

Please refer to iBH Student handbook  for more details