International Canada Individual Skills Training (INCIST) has been a longstanding Gastown Business College program, and is now a truncated version of our iBM program. INCIST  is designed for those students whose personal availability requires a slightly shorter program duration.

Like the iBM program, INCIST offers each participant a highly tailored international business curriculum and personalized work placement that will make them a highly employable international business professional. Our intensive and comprehensive INCIST program will challenge each participant to grow, transform, and succeed.

We simulate a business environment in our classrooms where our highly qualified instructors, with extensive industry and teaching experience, deliver a highly tailored international business curriculum that will equip each student with the skills they will need – including becoming a competent business communicator able to succeed as an international business professional anywhere in the world.

In addition, each student will have the opportunity to not only apply what they learned in the classroom, but also obtain the work experience that will help them achieve their dreams. Indeed, countless Gastown Business College alumni have parlayed their program experience into high profile international jobs.

Total Program Duration: 26 weeks

(excludes holidays and/or approved leave of absence)

In-Class Training: 20 weeks
Practicum Training: 6 weeks

In-Class Training

Course Details

Fundamentals I
(4 Weeks)

  • Effective Communication

  • Presentation Skills

  • Resume Writing

  • Email Writing

  • Self Marketing

  • Business Documents

  • Time Management Systems/Attitudes

  • Working Styles

  • Networking

  • Workplace Cultures

  • Transferable Skills

Essential Business
(6 Weeks)

  • Interview Skills

  • Workplace Communication

  • Debate Skills

  • Advanced Networking

  • Business Meetings

  • Report Writing

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Canadian Workplace/Culture

Business Development
(6 Weeks)

  • Product Development

  • Market Research

  • Market Segmentation

  • Marketing Mix Fundamentals

  • Employee Engagement

  • Performance Management

  • Organization Structures

  • Recruitment & Retention

Fundamentals II
(4 Weeks)

  • Telephone Skills

  • Self-Marketing

  • Advanced Business Concepts

  • Company Research

  • Practicum Preparation

  • Working Styles

Advanced Communications

  • The course provides students with exposure to business case studies designed to increase career orientated communicative competence.  The focus of this course is based on the examination and analysis of actual business case dilemmas. 

* The above outline may be subject to change without notice.

Practicum Training

The practicum (unpaid) work experience is a required part of the INCIST  program in which the student obtains practical skills relevant to the learning objectives of the program.

Please refer to INCIST Student handbook  for more details