Gastown Business College is an exclusive international business college with a hands on approach that gives us our competitive advantage. We offer what nobody else can: a small, intimate, and personal learning experience which includes a highly tailored international business curriculum and one on one practicum counselling and placement. Our team of highly motivated instructors care about who each student is, where they want to go, and what they need to get there. We identify each student’s skill set and ambitions and work with them intimately throughout the program to ensure they become a highly successful international business professional.

Gastown Business College is extremely proud of our success rate in placing students in practicums whereby they gain the real work experience needed to achieve their career goals and reach their dreams. We have relationships with a full range of Canadian businesses and organizations – from the airline industry to boutique accounting firms, from global hotel brands to high end design companies, and from NGO’s to marketing and HR positions. We are sure that we have a practicum placement for you. Most importantly many Gastown Business College alumni have parlayed their program experience into prominent international careers.

Each student will leave Gastown Business College as:

1. A competent business communicator;

2. A mature, reliable, and confident business professional capable of adapting and thriving in any international business environment;

3. An individual capable of reaching their potential;

4. A critical thinker and intelligent risk taker who understands and learns from their mistakes;

5. An individual with international work experience and perspective; and

6. Someone who is highly employable.