Gastown Business College provides each student a personalized work placement allowing our students to obtain the work experience they need to achieve their goals and dreams. Having Gastown Business College on a resume has made a significant difference for the careers of countless GBC alumni. Why not let us help you reach your career goals and dreams?

Our Practicum

Our success is based upon matching each student’s career goal with a suitable work placement. We are extremely proud of our success rate in placing students in practicums; indeed, we have worked diligently over the years at cultivating relationships with countless companies and organizations – including high profile nationally and internationally recognized brands – with whom we trust to place our students. As a result, practicums are available in a wide variety of industries. For example, we have relationships with a full range of Canadian businesses and organizations – from the airline industry to boutique accounting firms, from global hotel brands to high end design companies, and from NGO’s to marketing and HR positions in a wide array of companies. We are sure that we have a practicum placement for you. Gastown Business College alumni have parlayed their program experience into prominent international careers.

GBC has a practicum placement that will suit you. If we don’t, we will work hand in hand to help you find the work placement that is right for you.

What can each student expect to gain from a GBC practicum/co-op work placement?

1. Each student will gain real work experience and be a highly employable individual;

2. Each student will gain advanced business communication skills and business acumen that are transferable and highly marketable; and

3. Each student will become a mature, reliable, and confident business professional capable of adapting and thriving in any international business environment.

Gastown Business College is serious about ensuring a highly successful and rewarding practicum placement. We believe it is important that each student receive the personalized support they need to thrive in their work placement. That is why we provide the following:

Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation

A GBC Instructor will visit host companies to personally review the practicum student’s progress. Feedback from the student and the company will be collected to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between student and host company, including that the student is engaged in meaningful projects which will be of benefit to their future career goals.

Professional Development Days (Pro-D Classes)

Throughout their practicum/co-op placement, students will also attend regularly scheduled Pro-D days at Gastown Business College. Here students will focus on continuing to build and develop their work place skill set, including managing their work experience. Students will actively participate in the workshops and share their unique experiences with classmates. Pro-D days also provide the opportunity for students to meet with instructors individually to discuss and obtain advice regarding effective communication in the workplace.