Gastown Business College is located in historic Gastown, the heart of Downtown Vancouver.
Designated a National Historic Site in 2009, Gastown is probably best known for its famous steam clock – just up the street from GBC. However, Gastown is so much more than its steam clock. In fact, the publication Complex named Gastown the 4th most stylish neighborhood in the world in 2012. Gastown offers inspiring architecture, memorable places to eat and drink, trendy boutique fashion shops, a burgeoning tech sector, a plethora of coffee options, and the most charming cobblestone street in all of downtown Vancouver.


What if there was a school that not only taught you to be a competent business communicator but also one that would teach you to be an international business professional? What if that school also provided a personalized work placement where you could obtain the practical work experience that would make you highly employable?

Founded in 2006, Gastown Business College set out to equip students with the skills and experiences needed to succeed in international business and achieve their personal dreams. Our program teaches each student to be a competent business communicator and an international business professional; in addition, we offer each student a personalized practicum placement that will provide them with the real work experience needed to secure their dream job. It is a proven formula for success, and we are extremely proud that many of our GBC alumni have gone on to have very accomplished careers.


Gastown Business College is an exclusive international business college that offers each student an intimate and highly tailored international business curriculum and personalized work placement that will make them highly employable.


We equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to be successful in international business.